Where to Buy

We only sell our products through our website, and we choose not to sell them on big online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. We understand that selling on those platforms could increase our sales, but we believe it takes away the personal touch in our interactions with customers, making it all about numbers. Our philosophy revolves around maintaining a balance between personal relationships and business.

You might notice that we pay close attention to details and give each order a personal touch by writing thank-you notes by hand. It might seem a bit unusual, but we do it with sincerity and heart.

We believe that, in a world filled with hustle and automation, there's still a place for warm and personal connections between us and our customers.

We have also made the decision not to open a physical store. This allows us to avoid significant additional expenses, which, in the long term, enables us to offer competitive prices, provide attractive discounts, and conduct engaging promotions.